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“Since I don’t pretend to know (or remember) every effective writing technique, I enjoy keeping up with Diana’s weekly emails.  I think it’s always good to check in as they are always filled with great advice, or they can simply serve as a great reminder/refresher for a valuable point I forgot about years ago.  Even Tiger Woods still accepts advice!”

Ben Reisman

These blog posts [in Diana’s newsletter] are incredibly practical. Here’s a person who’s walked the walk and done it incredibly well, and her advice carries weight you can carry all the way to the bank. I never let one go unread.

C. Hope Clark

We’ve connected through LinkedIn and I really appreciate your blog posts for freelance writers.

Margarita T.

I love reading your emails and blogs…so much great information.

Vicki Spannagel

I’m one of your subscribers and a long-term fan. Thanks for all the value you provide in your newsletter and on your blog. I’m learning a lot.

Sola Kehinde

Thank you for providing all of this helpful information on your blog for writers. It’s so helpful! I’ve been freelance now for 4 years and I’m constantly looking for ways to continue growing and your articles have been so great.

Mercey Livingston