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So happy that I came across Diana’s blog and subsequently her “20 Pitches That Worked” PDF which has proven crucial in preparing me to send out pitches as I start my journey into freelance writing. As a creative in a separate field, I was looking for an easily digestible road map to help me on this new path, and luckily Diana and her invaluable lessons were right there!
- Neal F.:

“Your help was invaluable and has boosted my confidence and focus on what steps to take next. “

- Kristen O’Neal: Coaching Client

“Diana is a powerhouse editor and writer that assigning editors dream about. As a contributing writer for DoctorOz.com Diana sent spot-on pitches that hit both SEO goals and trending content our core audience was interested in. She knows how to craft copy to speak to both a social audience and a loyal fanbase. Her writing is detailed without being too wordy and conversational. She’s extremely professional and makes sure every piece is thoroughly sourced and researched. She’s a pleasure to work with, whether you’re assigning to her or she’s assigning to you (as I’ve had experience in both of these situations)!”

- Colleen Travers: Freelance Writer and Editor

“Diana is a supportive, collaborative and communicative editor who cultivates innovative ideas and offers insightful suggestions to enhance writers’ copy. She’s extremely responsive and professional while still making those she works with feel competent and comfortable. It was an honor to work with her at Prevention.com.”

- Gina Roberts-Grey: Freelance Health Writer

“I just love Diana’s course! I worked with her when she was an editor at Muscle & Fitness, and I’m learning new things and  know it will be so helpful! My goal is to go full time with freelancing and reading her course chapters is definitely motivating me.”

- S.J. McShane: Freelance Writing Course Student

“Diana’s course is beneficial to students of all ages specifically college students with a curiosity for freelance. This course helped me learn about my writing style and answered many of the questions I had about entering the editorial world. It helped me further develop the necessary pitching and freelance skills I needed to pursue my career as I approach graduation.”

- Holly Noon: Freelance Writing Course Student, College Student

“I love your freelance writing course! I’m learning a lot. I really appreciate how your course is very direct, easy to follow, and not overwhelming with content–it’s just to the point.”

- Michele Sotak: Freelance Writing Course Student

“Diana has helped us craft media strategies based on real consumer insights.  She has a keen understanding of the health/fitness space that she puts to use for clients.”

- Rich Goldblatt: SVP, Director, Consumer, M Booth

“Diana is a creative, detail-oriented person. She is passionate about her writing and takes pride in all she does. She has a very strong work ethic and is always a team player.”

- Jessica Kurdali: Director, Talent Recruitment and Development, NBC News

“I worked with Diana at Prevention.com and recently recommended her for a position at American Media. She is a very hard worker, great collaborator, and has a keen sense of digital media trends and tactics.”

- Elizabeth Goodman Artis: Editor in Chief, Shape Magazine

Work With Me

Diana can help with:

  • Writing content
  • Content marketing writing
  • Editing
  • Reporting
  • Magazine writing
  • Website writing
  • SEO writing and strategy
  • Branded content
  • Whitepapers
  • Syndication strategy
  • Launching editorial websites
  • Audience development
  • Blogging
  • Ghostwriting
  • Social media strategy
  • Development of voice and tone
  • Book projects

Email Diana about opportunities: Diana(at)DianaKelly.com.