Diana Kelly Levey

7 Freelance Article Pitches That Were Rejected—and Why

It’s helpful to read a freelance article pitches PDF guide on pitches that were successful and sold to magazines and freelance clients, but sometimes it’s helpful to know why something doesn’t work.

When a pitch is rejected or turned down, it’s helpful to know WHY that is. Was the freelance pitch totally off the mark? Were they working on a similar idea already? Was the timing off?

That’s why freelancer Diana Kelly Levey created the “7 Freelance Article Pitches That Were Rejectedand Why” PDF to show freelancers that not all pitches are winners, and when they aren’t assigned, there’s often a reason for it. 

In this PDF, you’ll read original article pitches that were sent to editorial and content marketing clients, as well as  helpful feedback from the editors on how to improve the freelance pitch next time, and learn what happened next. Get this freelance writing pitches guide today!

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