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Diana Kelly Levey is a freelance coach who now offers one-on-one coaching freelance writing coaching sessions for freelancers who want more personalized freelance coaching help with their careers, freelance writing help, as well as ongoing support and accountability.

As a freelance coach, Diana even offers freelance editing help for freelance article pitches to help you write the best pitch possible for your ideal magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

Schedule a 40-minute freelancing coaching call by filling out this freelance coach form to show your interest in coaching for freelancers learn more about what you’ll get in the video chat or call.

Why choose Diana to be your freelance coach?

She was a 2023 Award Nominee for the “Best in Freelance” Category for the national Women in Content Marketing Awards. Diana worked as a staff editor at bestselling U.S. magazines, getting pitches from freelancers and assigning out stories. Her freelance clients include magazines like Real Simple, PEOPLE, Men’s Health, Headspace, Reebok, Nike, Yahoo!, MSN, and many more.

Diana listens to your freelance writing challenges, questions about how to find freelance jobs, concerns when it comes to raising freelance rates or earning more money and answer your specific freelance career questions via video conference call or phone chat after getting your background information via this intake form.

It’s all part of the proven process for achieving goals that this freelance coach tailors for each session.

Diana Kelly Levey, freelance coaching instructor, freelancer mentos

Writers, this initial freelance coaching session comes with a line edit (max 600 words) of a document of your choice, whether it’s one article pitch example, article, blog post, LinkedIn page, or a page on your website.

Valued at over $250, you’ll get this freelance writing coaching session and edit for $100.

This freelance coach individual service is for beginner freelance writers, experienced freelancers, anyone who wants to learn how to earn more money per hour freelance writing, how to find new freelance clients, how to define their niche, and for those writers who want support with their professional and financial goals.

Everyone could use guidance and hand-holding at times!

Freelance Writing Coaching Client Testimonials

Freelance writing coaching reviews from freelancers who’ve used Diana Kelly Levey’s freelance coach services.

They’ve been published in a variety of national outlets including Food Network, Reader’s Digest, Muscle & Fitness, Insider, Healthline, and many more.

“I signed up for Diana’s freelance coaching session to learn how to find content marketing clients and quickly got $2,000 worth of assignments from a new client within weeks! I used one of the pitching tactics Diana shared and it worked. Diana had great suggestions for me that were personalized based on my background and experience. I’d recommend her coaching to others!” -Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD

“Diana’s freelance coach session was personalized and we went over pitches I was struggling with along with tips to solve the issues. I would definitely sign up for a future coaching session because Diana’s knowledge and her experience was beneficial in helping me focus on companies as potential higher-paying freelance clients. Diana is very responsive and helpful–even after the call!” – Jennifer D.

“Diana spent time listening to my concerns and coming up with ideas specific to me. She listened carefully and gave me concrete steps to work on. She gave me advice on how to position myself as a writer in my area of interest. Shortly after the call, I was motivated to draft a new website and came up with some ideas to write about.” -Margo S., freelance writing coaching client

The first freelance coaching session with Diana was incredibly helpful. I’ve been a copywriter and web developer for about 10 years. I’ve been looking for mentorship because even though I know the ropes of the actual work, running my own freelance business in a sustainable, profitable way hasn’t been as clear. Diana helped me to achieve clarity on the first call alone. She helped me to see the challenges that I was facing from a new perspective. I took her advice, made changes, and booked a second session which was also rich with gems. I’ll be booking again soon! If you’re a writer seeking some clarity, no matter where you’re at, you’ll likely find the help and clarity you need with her.” -Nicole D.

“I felt that the coaching sessions were personalized for my experience. The call made me feel motivated to work on the next steps and let me know I was on the right track and just needed to tweak some things. Getting help with my pitch gave me a great baseline e-mail to work off of in the future. “- Neal F.

The calls with Diana helped me feel much more motivated and excited about my next steps as a freelancer. Even though I’ve been freelancing for a few years, it’s helpful to have guidance from a seasoned writer and editor who not only has worked in the media/editorial industry full-time but has built a successful freelance career. When you work solo, there are just some things (like navigating rates, clients, etc.) that can be difficult to do on your own, and having someone who’s been there to give advice is so valuable. I would encourage any freelancer who needs help getting started or leveling up their freelance career to hire Diana. I only wish I would have found Diana at the beginning of my freelance career and didn’t wait almost two years in to start working with her!” – Mercey L.

“I feel like our freelance coaching call was really the catalyst for setting this into motion; so I thank you again for all your advice. It seemed a little daunting to get back into the swing of things at first, but speaking with you really gave me the push to be proactive and pitch myself to various platforms.”- Alexandra M. (She landed her first assignment weeks after our call!)

“I can’t thank you enough for your help. It was invaluable and has boosted my confidence and focus on what steps to take next. I was able to move on from a low-paying client and spend more time pursuing work I’m interested in. “ Kristen O’Neal

Contact the Freelance Coach

Fill out the form to get dates and sign up for a 40-minute freelance coaching phone call with Diana for $100.

Repeat clients can sign up for packages at a discounted rate.

Contact Diana (FreelanceCoachNY (AT) gmail.com) to learn more about these services, availability, or to find out more about coaching for freelancers and freelance writers.

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New Service! Freelance Editing for Freelancers

As of May 2023, Diana Kelly Levey is offering to edit freelance writing pitches before you send them to an editor.

For $40, you’ll get help with a freelance pitch you’ve written to make sure it’s a strong freelance pitch that gets opened (hello, captivating email subject lines), includes the components of a good article pitch, relays your idea clearly and succinctly and introduces you to the editor in a way that convinces them you’re the best writer for the job! Email Diana (FreelanceCoachNY AT Gmail.com) subject line “pitching” to get more info.