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8 LinkedIn Tips for Freelancers Ready to Earn More Money

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March 30, 2023

When asked “how can I use LinkedIn in order to find freelance work” on Quora, I replied to the poster with a condensed version of this blog featuring LinkedIn tips for freelancers. The question of “how should a freelance writer optimize their LinkedIn profile” is a popular one. Many of us want to learn LinkedIn Profile Mastery skills! I also find that beginner freelance writers ask, “what skills should I put on LinkedIn if I’m a newbie freelance writer?” One way to do this is to make sure you’re listing the skills that are most relevant to the freelance jobs you want to get

People also want to know if they’ll have any luck finding work with LinkedIn freelance writing jobs. I certainly have found freelance writing jobs on LinkedIn at times!

In this post, you’ll learn how freelancers can use LinkedIn to find freelance work, how to find higher-paying clients using LinkedIn search techniques, and how to stay relevant to your network on this social media platform freelancers can benefit from.

I make sure I use LinkedIn a few times a week to see what my past editors and freelance clients are up to now, to learn about the news I should know about with current clients, and as part of my prospecting exercises to find new clients during daily freelance marketing efforts. Maximizing my efforts on LinkedIn is one of the skills I utilize in order to run a six-figure freelance business. The good news is, you can, too!

8 Freelance Writer LinkedIn Tips to Earn More Money Freelancing

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Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: Scan your connections for updates.

I skim my network to see if someone I know changed jobs that might lead to a potential client. I might leave a more personalized comment than just a ‘like’ or ‘congrats!’ It’s one of the smart ways to use LinkedIn to grow my freelance business. I’ll make note of the contact’s name, new company, and if they have a blog on my pitching spreadsheet to follow up with them in a few weeks in case they need freelance writers.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: I search for online jobs in a particular freelance niche.

For example, I might type in “sleep writer” in the top search field and then look at “Jobs” to see which companies are hiring full-time positions in this niche. This gives me ideas of companies to reach out to later for potential freelance writing jobs. Sometimes I send an email to a marketing manager right then to see if they need immediate freelance help while they are looking to fill that role. Wondering which niche is best? Check out this guide to the highest-paying freelance writing niches of 2022.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: I use it to find people to send cold emails to.

I use LinkedIn to find the names of marketing managers at companies I’m researching to send an email introduction to. (Here are details on how to find any editor’s name and contact information.) I might reach out to connect on LinkedIn if their email bounces back and send them a line or two about what I do as a freelance content marketing writer to see if they need writers. Here are more ways to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: I follow companies.

This is one of the tips I share with coaching clients as a tool to include something personal about the company in their cold email pitch. Following companies I want to work with on LinkedIn lets me know if they’ve launched new products and have exciting announcements to share. This is another freelance secret of how freelancers can find freelance work on LinkedIn.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: I endorse former colleagues and clients for skills.

This can be a simple tactic to try when using the LinkedIn app to find freelance clients and I have a few minutes to spare – like while waiting in line or waiting for dinner to cook. It helps that connection improve their LinkedIn profile and it’s a way that I stay top of mind with connections. (If you’re wondering how to write an article pitch, check out this guide.)

Freelance writer LinkedIn tips: I’ll write posts and articles.

In order to find freelance clients on LinkedIn and get freelance projects from LinkedIn, you need to maximize the network you built there. I recommend sharing something new and exciting you’re working on so potential clients see this in their feed. I’ll either share a link to a recent blog post and ask a follow-up question, or, I’ll write an original blog post on LinkedIn. I used this LinkedIn freelance tip to attract attention to my profile by writing an original article that my connections and followers could see. Check out “These are the Top 5 Podcasts I Listen to Each Week” to see an example. Here’s also how to pitch an article to a magazine if you’re wondering where to start.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tip: I look at ‘who viewed your profile.’

This is a good way to see who’s been reviewing your LinkedIn profile and to use it as an excuse to reach out if you think it’s someone you might be interested in working with. Feel free to shoot them a message saying that you noticed they checked out your profile and you wanted to inquire about any content needs you could help with. I’ve used this tactic to find new freelance writing jobs, especially when freelance writing work is slow. I find that LinkedIn offers free monthly subscriptions at times throughout the year and try to take advantage of that when I see it so I can see the names of the people who viewed my profile, get more message credits, and other members-only enhancements from the social media platform.

Freelance writer LinkedIn tips: I make sure my profile is up-to-date.

When I turn in work for a new client, I add that company’s name to my profile. I make sure I’m updating my freelance skills, headline, and experience so I’m more likely to show up in search results when clients are looking for these skills. When I add a new freelance writing online course, I add it to my LinkedIn profile. I had a book published by Simon & Schuster in 2020 so I added that to my profile and under my experience. I don’t notify my network every time I make these changes – that would be annoying! – but I think having a strong LinkedIn profile as a freelancer helps me stand out on LinkedIn. I can see that some connections find me via the LinkedIn home page and I think that’s due to me regularly applying these freelance writer LinkedIn tips. That being said, there’s always more work to be done and learning about the platform and its algorithms to ensure I stay top of mind with potential clients. Reading up on LinkedIn profile tips and strategies from third-party sites is a good way to stay educated about the platform and understand the latest LinkedIn tips for freelancers.

Engage with the platform regularly in order to show up in potential freelance clients’ feeds as a freelancer they’ll want to work with. Apply these 5 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn.

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