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Diana Kelly Levey created two Freelance Writing Online Courses on Teachable to offer freelance tips for beginners, help people find freelance writing jobs and remote work from home jobs, and to teach everyone who wants to learn about it how to get paid to write as freelance writers.

Whether you want to be a freelance writer as a side hustle, are a stay at home mom who wants to make extra money freelancing by using freelance writer courses, are a retiree who always wanted to write for magazines and websites, a recent college graduate who wants to make more money writing, or anyone who wants to learn how to write freelance articles and get paid for it, this complete guide to freelance writing courses online is for you.

1. ‘Get Paid to Write’ Freelance Writing Online Course

The Freelance Writing Course Format

Both of Diana Kelly Levey’s freelance writing courses are hosted on Teachable’s easy-to-use online platform and available on Teachable’s free iOS app.

Once you sign up for the freelance course, you’ll have access to the materials and course videos right away and can read them on your smartphone, tablet, or any device with an Internet connection. These freelance writing courses allow access to files and documents forever.

If you love getting freelance writing tips and want to get a sense of Diana Kelly Levey’s freelance writing knowledge, check out her freelance writing blog. Some of the inspiration for the freelance writer courses came out of her freelance writing tips on the blog and freelancer faqs.

You could also sign up for Diana Kelly Levey’s weekly freelance writing newsletter for freelance writing advice for beginners, how freelancers can earn a six-figure income, and occasional discounts for her freelance writing online courses, eBooks, PDFs and freelance coaching services.

2. Freelance Writing Weekend Jumpstart Course

Tight on time and need to kick-start momentum for your freelance career? Check out my Freelance Writing Weekend Jumpstart online course. In a condensed version of the ‘Get Paid to Write’ best freelance e-course, you’ll get fun exercises, learn how to build a writer’s website and start a portfolio, get lessons to help you hone in on the type of freelancing you want to do, and access tools and templates to help you send your first pitch — in just a few hours! Learn more about this accelerated, action-oriented online course (only $39!) here.

Complete the Freelance Writing Courses from Home On Any Device

This freelance writing course “Get Paid to Write” allows you to complete the lessons and exercise on your own schedule. Why? Because all of us are busy and have crazy schedules! You need freelance writing courses that fit into your life and make it easy to learn on the go on any smart device.

Watch the videos and read the supplemental content that accompanies the lessons in the Get Paid to Write course for a comprehensive guide to getting started freelance writing.

If you want to enroll in the freelance writing course while waiting in line at the store and start reading the lessons right away, you can! 

You can read through all of the lessons in one day, one week, a month, or longer and take as long as you need to do the suggested freelance writer courses’ exercises.

This e-course involves no required homework! The instructor, a freelancer of over 15 years, Diana Kelly Levey, believes that you get out of the course what you put into it and that everyone with decent writing skills can learn how to become a successful freelancer and earn a great income writing.

It’s also chock-full of bonus PDFs too.

Learn How to Write a Pitch

You’ll learn how to pitch an article to a magazine and how to write an article pitch for a website so you’re more likely to get an assignment and make great money freelancing. (Diana Kelly Levey has earned her six-figure income by writing freelance pitches that get accepted and can show students exactly how to do it.)

Diana Kelly Levey has been sharing her expertise with freelance writers as an assigning editor on staff for national, award-winning magazines and websites, acting as an expert on a panel for “How to Pitch Editors” for the American Society of Journalists & Authors association, and mentoring friends and college graduates on how to be successful with writing for over 15 years. She wants to help the general public learn how to make money freelancing, get published, and have fun doing it with this “Get Paid to Write” freelance writing online course for beginners.

The “Get Paid to Write” freelance writing course is valued at over $300 and available for only $97!

Get Published as a Freelance Writer!

Freelance writing students have been published in a number of print and online publications since taking the “Get Paid to Write” freelance writing online course, including Muscle & Fitness, Livestrong, OxygenRobert Irvine magazine, Centennial Media Publishing, Princeton Alumni magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, and many more.

Ready to launch your freelance career? You can see some of the lessons for each freelance writing course online for FREE right now and see the syllabus for each freelance e-course.

Love what you see? Enroll today and get started right away with these freelance writer courses.

What are you waiting for?

Enroll in the best freelance online writing course today! (There’s even a 30-day money back guarantee.)

Student Feedback about These Freelance Writing Courses Online

“I don’t have a single clip but I’ve always had natural writing talent under my belt. I’ve already invested quite a bit into courses to help me get my freelance career off on the right foot and have pretty much met my budget…but I’m so glad to hear that you offer help with a pitch and also anything else that comes up! Your experience as an editor I think really sets your freelance writing course apart from the rest (and admittedly is a big draw for me). I feel like there are loads of people out there with courses, but the ones who really have it dialed in are few and far between.” – Angelina D.

“Diana’s freelance writing course online is beneficial to students of all ages, specifically college students with a curiosity for freelance. This freelance writer course helped me learn about my writing style and answered many of the questions I had about entering the editorial world. It helped me further develop the necessary pitching and freelance skills I needed to pursue my career as I approach graduation.” – Holly Noon

“Diana’s class is a must for anyone that wants to learn the ins and outs of freelancing. As a recent graduate with a few staff experiences, the idea of freelancing was honestly terrifying. Diana’s freelance writing course online gives step by step lessons and advice that ultimately gave me the confidence to pitch more and try a wider selection of publications and blogs. If you have any doubts about freelancing and need some guidance, this course is an amazing resource!” – Carlett Spike

“I enjoyed the freelance writing course and felt it was a good value for a beginner like me.” – Ryan C.

“I recently graduated and I’m currently at my second internship. I’m tossing around the idea of freelancing and social media marketing. I really enjoyed your freelance writing course online and know it’s a great resource for me.” – Julie Riedel

“I just love Diana’s course! I worked with her when she was an editor at Muscle & Fitness, and I’m learning new things and know it will be so helpful! My goal is to go full time with freelancing and reading her course chapters is definitely motivating me.” – SJ McShane

“I’m an ex-journalist and PR expert and am considering returning to self-employed work after many years as a mature student.  I love your website and the look of your online freelance course but was concerned about how relevant it is for UK-based participants. [After enrolling in ‘Get Paid to Write’ freelance writing course online] I have found the freelance writing course really helpful and inspirational, delighted I took your advice–and the plunge towards becoming a freelance writer!” – Jane Browning

Have questions about the freelance writing online course for Diana? Email  her: FreelanceCoachNY (AT) gmail.com