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I’ve Been WFH for Eight Years. Here’s One of My Top Tips—and It Has Nothing to Do with Productivity

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July 1, 2021

As a freelance writer who mainly works in the health, weight loss, and lifestyle space, I’ve enjoyed writing articles on how to stay healthy and financially fit while working from home.

I’ve been working from home as a freelance writer and editor since 2012, with a few in-house, part-time jobs sprinkled in to break up the monotony—and to talk to people other than my sources, cashiers and myself.

One of the best tips I suggest to others when it comes to working from home was shared by a friend. When I first started freelancing she said, “Wear pants that button—or jeans—at least once a week.” (BTW, parents who are working from home will want to keep these tips in mind too.)

It sounds a bit elementary but making sure that I maintain a healthy weight since I’m not changing into business clothes or “work clothes” daily is a goal I care about.

If you’ve been living in stretchy pants or sweatpants since the coronavirus quarantine began and you’re wondering how five (or 15) pounds mysteriously crept onto your frame, you understand what I’m talking about. Now that some people are returning to work and putting on form-fitting pants, dresses, or skirts again, they may be surprised that they’re a bit snugger than they were last spring.

That’s why I suggest putting on a pair of structured pants at least once a week to have a gauge if they need to cut back on trips to the kitchen or prioritize walking Zoom calls.

For me, putting on pants, shorts, or a dress by midweek helps keep me in check when it comes to staying within a certain weight range while working from home. (On Monday, I can rationalize that I’m holding onto water weight from the weekend and by Friday I like to keep the ‘casual Friday’ mentality at home, too.)

And while there are plenty of bigger things going on in the world much more serious than a few extra pounds, why not find ways to prioritize your health in ways you can control while working from home?

If you’re looking for more ‘work from home’ tips, here is other advice I’ve gathered from writing about the topic in recent years. (Related: 6 Fresh Ways to Be More Productive When Working at Home)

My Best Advice for Work-From-Home Freelancers

  • Remember to eat lunch. This can help avoid overeating later in the day or snacking on foods otherwise wouldn’t be eating during the workday. Read more tips on “How to avoid gaining weight while working from home” for Men’s Journal.
  • Stretch your arms, hands, and upper body throughout the day to avoid carpal tunnel. Get more health tips in “4 Ways Your Desk Job is Killing You” for Muscle & Fitness.
  • Turn off your message notifications on your cell. Do this before hopping on a work call. That way no one will know your best friend is bombarding you with silly gifs the entire time you’re talking to your boss. Get “17 mistakes to avoid when on a video conference call” for Reader’s Digest.
  • Create room in your budget for working from home costs. Sure, you’re saving on your commute at the moment, but you’re probably spending more on utilities (hello air conditioning!), toilet paper, tech upgrades, and office supplies. Learn more about the “Surprising financial benefits of working from home” for Apartment Therapy.

Let me know if are looking for “working from home” content or blogs for your website and brand. Reach out if I can help you find new ways to reach your employees and audience.

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