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Freelance Writing: What I’m Grateful For

caribbean view and laptop from French Leave Bahamas

November 22, 2017

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, freelance writers! I hope you have a nice holiday planned ahead with your family and/or friends. I thought I’d share a few things I’m grateful for as a full-time freelance writer. (In no particular order.)

  • Strong wifi signals
  • Fresh, hot coffee in the morning
  • Having time to be on assignment and write travel articles (That view is from The French Leave Resort, in Eleuthera, The Bahamas)
  • Accounting departments who use direct deposit and uncomplicated invoicing processes
  • Sources who answer their phones during our scheduled interview times
  • Editors who respond in a timely manner to pitches (See Freelance Pitches That Worked)
  • Editors who say “I love these ideas! Thank you for these thoughtful pitches!”
  • Long battery life on my laptop
  • My mouse
  • A long lunch break if I want
  • Being able to dictate my exercise schedule
  • Maximizing the “no makeup” look…by not wearing any makeup all day long (saves money!)
  • A short commute from my bedroom to my desk
  • Attending fun PR events (You can see some on my Instagram)
  • Freelance writing friends who offer advice when you need support and who understand the isolation, particularly Brittany Risher, Julie D. Andrews, Cristina Goyanes
  • Meeting and supporting other freelancers that I never met, like Gina Roberts-Grey, Laura Vreck and Andrea Emerson to name a few.
  • Editors who let your voice shine through in your articles (Hi, Headspace editors!)
  • Deadline extensions from generous editors (like before the holiday weekend)
  • The New York Public library when I need to concentrate on writing
  • My HP printer scanner
  • Working in workout clothes
  • My digital recorder
  • Transcription writing services when needed
  • Being able to take advantage of “summer Fridays,” talk to friends on Mondays when they have off, food shopping the middle of the week, and being able to move my schedule so I can have days off when my partner’s schedule changes.
  • Opportunities to work with new clients and take on interesting projects, like writing books for the FDNY Foundation
  • Taking as many “vacation days” off as I want (even though they’re not paid)
  • Having enough freelance assignments to be able to pay for health insurance, bills, and a comfortable, happy life
  • Sharing my freelance knowledge with others by creating a Freelance Writing Online Course “Get Paid to Write” on Teachable and having new students joining monthly
  • Having newsletter subscribers.

I also very appreciative of my family, friends, health, home and working in an industry that allows me to have this life.

What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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