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Delicious Quinoa Bowl Recipes

October 24, 2019 | Categories:

Looking for a mason jar salad substitution? Tired of Taco Tuesday? Maybe you just need a breakfast refresh? Regardless (or even if you just want to try something new), meet your new go-to: The quinoa bowl. By using the gluten-free, vitamin B-rich grain pseudo-cereal as a base, you can mix in all kinds of proteins, fruits or veggies for and array of dishes that’ll never leave you bored. From flavors that are spicy and bold to ones that are fresh and sweet, get ready to whip up one of these 10 delicious recipes.Pro tip: Make a giant batch of quinoa ahead of time, since it can take about 20 minutes to cook — even after you’ve gotten your water boiled. (That means more time to sleep in — or fit in your morning workout!)

How to Make Healthy Quinoa Bowl Recipes and Meals

Crunchy Quinoa Power Bowl With Almond Ginger Dressing

Give that tired salad a facelift with this on-the-go lunch. The brightly-colored quinoa bowl is vegetarian-friendly and nutrient-packed, too. Shredded red and green cabbage add texture, while vitamin A- and fiber-rich sweet potatoes will keep you full. And before you reach for the packaged stuff, be sure to try the homemade dressing. Its base is made from almond butter, giving you a solid dose of healthy, unsaturated fats. (Photo and recipe: Sarah Cook / Making Thyme For Health)

Quinoa Kale Pesto Bowls With Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are a top-notch (and super impressive) way of adding protein to a vegetarian meal. By making a twist on traditional basil pesto by using kale instead, your vitamin K intake skyrockets — but the taste is just as delicious. Lemon juice cuts through the garlic; crunchy walnuts add a hit of omega-3s. Photo and recipe: Mike / The Iron You

Caribbean Salmon Quinoa Bowl

Love the flavors of summer? Then you’ve got to try this quinoa bowl, featuring an omega-3 rich piece of salmon that’s seasoned with chili powder, cumin, coriander, cinnamon and cayenne. The result? A Caribbean-flavored dish that’s both rich and spicy. Cook the salmon on your grill, then add it to your cooked quinoa and top with fresh mango salsa and black beans. Now close your eyes and pretend you’re somewhere tropical when you eat it. Photo and recipe: Danae Halliday / Recipe Runner

Coconut Almond Quinoa Bowl

Just because you’re not eating a Danish or a giant muffin doesn’t mean you can’t have something sublimely sweet in the a.m. Proof: This quinoa bowl, ideal for breakfast or split in half for a snack. Thanks to a combo of coconut milk, maple syrup and almond butter, you get creaminess and sweetness but without any of the guilt. Sprinkle on toasted coconut and chopped almonds for a bit of texture. Photo and recipe: Kristin Rosenau / Pastry Affair

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