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5 Beauty Products for Your Gym Bag

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December 21, 2018 | Categories: ,

We know you’re a tough teen athlete who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty—but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best after the game.

You’ve already got a ton of stuff to stash in your gym bag, so toting your entire makeup bag and shower caddy just isn’t realistic.

To help you look gorgeous in minutes while lightening your load, we talked to a women’s magazine beauty editor, Katie Becker, and co-editor at iheartdaily.com, Melissa Walker, for some of their favorite multitasking beauty products to stow in your gym bag. (Steal time management tips from super-organized teen athletes.)

Read on to learn what fun beauty products can make your life easier.

1. Lip Tint

This natural lip tint provides a dose of shimmery gloss and major moisturizing power in seven rich colors. Among other natural beauty ingredients, this power pencil contains peppermint oil to help cool and soothe irritated skin. This product also works perfectly as blush. Just rub a little on your cheeks and blend. Voila! ($24; Learn more about where to buy on tartecosmetics.com)

2. Dry Shampoo

Don’t have time to wash your hair? Spray on this dry shampoo to freshen up sweaty locks and soak up hair oil. This dry aerosol shampoo won a Best of Beauty award in Allure magazine in 2009. To apply, hold the can a good six inches from your head and spray it at the roots. You can brush the powder through right away, or, for extra body, blast hair with heat while lifting roots with a round brush, according to Allure.com. It may zap some of your hair’s shine, but for sprucing up a sweaty head in a jiffy, we think it’s a solid product to keep on hand.

3.  Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette

The shimmery shades of pink, peach, gold, copper and brown in this all-over face palette work together to give you a beautiful glow. Use it as a blush, bronzer, or combine the colors for a pretty blended look. The cream-to-powder formula means color goes on smoothly and evenly and resists fading. You can use each of the nine colors individually for eye shadow as well — just dab some on your fingertips and have fun with it. ($15; Available at meetmark.com)

4. Philosophy’s Perfumed Shampoo, Bath, and Shower Gel

Consider this fair warning that you’ll be making your teammates jealous when they get a whiff of you post-shower after using any of the Philosophy scented shower gels. What could be better for a postgame ‘Ahhhh,’ then lathering up your hair and body with products called, “I Love Candy Corn,” “Caramel Apple,” “Autumn Air,” and even “Coconut Frosting?” We suggest using this as your shampoo and shower gel after the game and treating yourself to a luxurious bubble bath at home when you have more time. ($16 for 16 oz; Available at Philosophy.com and Sephora stores)

5. Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Solid Perfume

This double-duty product also makes a fun piece of jewelry. After a game or shower, dab on the sweet floral scent and use it to accessorize your post-play outfit. ($40; Available at Sephora stores and Sephora.com)

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