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A DIY Guide to Exfoliating Face Scrubs

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Though there are dozens of exfoliating products lining the shelves, you may want to concoct your own. When making an at-home exfoliating scrub or mask, consider using these natural ingredients Dr. Badreshia-Bansal recommends:

Oatmeal: It can be used on all skin types as a natural exfoliator.

Milk: It contains lactic acid, which is found in many popular exfoliating products.

Lemon: This juicy fruit is packed with vitamin C and can be an exfoliator and skin brightener that’s great for knees and elbows. (Make sure you wash this off well before going out in the sun to avoid a nasty skin reaction that can happen when lime or lemon juice hits the skin in the sunlight.)

Sugar and Salt: These coarse ingredients act as physical exfoliating agents.

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That being said, taking your skin care routine into your own hands comes with risks. “I’m not a fan of the at-home exfoliating,” says Dr. Bobby Buka, section chief at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “You’re not sure how harsh the products are for your skin.” He recommends in-office peel treatments to his patients instead. “After a peel, your skin would have some brightness to it, increased turgor or plumpness, and less congested pores.

If you want to start off with a gentler all-natural exfoliating mask, Dr. Buka says some of his patients make this one at home: Pop a whole avocado nut in your blender to grind it up, add soy milk, and blend the ingredients into a grainy liquid. Patients will put this on for 20 minutes before bed, and the anti-inflammatory properties of the soy milk may help with pimples.

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