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Do You Need More Magnesium in Your Diet?

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November 14, 2017 | Categories:

This mineral has gotten more attention in health news in recent years. That’s because magnesium plays a role in sustaining life in the body, particularly a physiological function in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Researchers continue to study how the supplement can help your health by improving sleep, helping to fight depression, and reducing risk of disease. Consider adding a magnesium supplement to your daily routine and eating foods that are rich in magnesium, like in leafy greens, pumpkin seeds.

It may help diabetics.

One study looked found that an oral magnesium supplement improved insulin sensitivity and metabolic control in type 2 diabetic patients that previously had lower serum magnesium levels according to a magnesium blood test.

Other research suggests that people who had low magnesium intake over the years were more likely to experience metabolic impairment and issues than people who had diets that were sufficient or rich in magnesium.

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It may help you fall asleep faster.

While taking a magnesium supplement daily won’t cause you to conk out as soon as your head hits the pillow nightly, it can help relax your muscles and may have anti-anxiety like effect in the body. Research on an elderly population suffering from sleep problems had improvements in subjective insomnia, like increasing sleep time and sleep efficiency, and reducing early morning wakening. The scientific sleep community doesn’t show strong scientific evidence that magnesium supplementation will cure insomnia, but, if you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, why not try taking this supplement for a few weeks to see if it helps? Or, you could listen to these songs to fall asleep faster tonight.


It can aid migraine sufferers.

Anyone who’s ever suffered from a migraine is probably curious about natural ways to prevent another painful episode from happening. Migraine sufferers already might be more likely to have a magnesium deficiency due to genetics, excreting it during stress, or other factors. Taking a magnesium supplement might help decrease the number of migraines. In one study, a group treated with magnesium oxide had significantly lower headache severity than a placebo group.

It may help with depression.

A deficiency in magnesium has been associated with an increased presence of psychiatric symptoms and neuromuscular problems. Although the antidepressant role of magnesium isn’t fully understood yet, researchers are studying it as a valuable, safe addition to the management of depression.



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