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Fun Ideas for Keeping a Dog Entertained at Home

Entertain a Dog Home Alone

May 16, 2023 | Categories: ,

A dog who has received adequate attention from its owner or someone else tends to behave better. Read on for tips on great ways to entertain your dog while you’re working or away from home!

Whether you’re working from home and need tips on great ways to entertain your dog, or you work outside the home and are seeking advice on how to engage a dog home alone, it’s clear that a dog who has received adequate attention from their owner or someone else tends to be better-behaved.

Why Entertaining Your Dog Is Important

Understanding why your dog can become a destructive chewer, barker, or howler is essential. Many times, it’s because they are experiencing separation anxiety or not receiving enough physical and mental stimulation.1 You may come home to find destroyed belongings or hear from a neighbor that your dog has been howling.2 If you’re working from home, you might find your puppy or dog barking at you to get your attention while working on your computer or a work call.

Below are some options to help keep your dog physically and mentally active and entertained.

Dogs get separation anxiety.

If you think your dog has separation anxiety issues, you might want to have them checked out by a dog trainer specializing in them. Signing your dog up for group dog training might cost about $30 to $50 a class, and a private dog training session likely costs $45 to $120 per session, depending on where you live in the country.3 If you have a puppy or dog that’s new to your home, it might be wise to invest in some dog behavior training classes before the dog’s separation anxiety issues turn into destroying your belongings. Then you still have to pay for dog training sessions.

Dogs need mental and physical engagement.

Many dogs get into trouble due to a lack of mental engagement and physical activity. Owners should set aside time daily to engage with their dogs in play and exercise. You must also ensure you’re meeting your breed’s activity needs, as each species needs different amounts of exercise. For example, Siberian Huskies need more exercise to be better behaved — about one to two hours daily! A Bulldog, on the other hand, might only need about 20 to 30 minutes of walking each day to meet their exercise needs.

Keeping your pup busy with these activities can help you worry less by assisting them to be well-behaved while working from home or away from work.

Tips to Help You Keep Your Dog Entertained Here at CareCredit.

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