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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Heat

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February 23, 2021 | Categories:

As temperatures rise, it’s important to look after your four-legged family members to make sure they don’t overheat. You probably already know that panting is your pup’s way of cooling off and regulating her body temperature. Be on the lookout for signs that she’s panting more than usual during the warm-weather months.  Here, get some tips on how to care for dogs in the heat so they stay safe and healthy all summer long.

How to Care for Dogs on a Hot Summer Day

Never leave them in a closed car on a hot day

Running errands with your pup in tow? Look at the weather forecast, humidity, and heat index for the time you’ll be out and about if you plan on driving and leaving your dog in the car. Temps can quickly spike inside a locked car on a hot day, and a panting dog can quickly increase the humidity. If you have a short stop you need to make – like a rest stop on the highway while traveling solo – park in the shade and leave the windows down a bit so she can get some air. Make sure you have cool water ready to give her when you return. Heading to the beach? Here’s what you need to know about how to take your dog to the beach. (Related: 10 Everyday Habits That Put Your Dog in Danger)

Keep the air conditioning or fan on at home while you’re out

Sure, you’re trying to cut costs when you aren’t home, but it’s important to make sure your beloved pet has a place that’s cool when you’re out for the day. That might mean leaving your air conditioning on at a set temperature or leaving some windows cracked and fans on to keep the house cool.

Time your walks

You might think that going for a walk or run in the afternoon on a hot day is a great time to exercise and burn extra calories, but chances are, your pup isn’t having it – especially if she’s a “smush-nosed” breed or heavy-coated dog. Take her out in the morning or evening when it’s cooler. Carry a doggy-friendly water bottle or small bowl she can drink from when you’re on any walks in the warmer months. Remember, she’s covered in fur so even if you don’t think it’s too warm out, it feels hotter to her. (Once the season ends, follow these tips to keep your pooches safe in the winter.)

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