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How Frequently Do I Need to Clean My Makeup Tools?

Clean My Makeup Tools

May 16, 2023 | Categories: ,

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes and makeup tools? Chances are, it’s been a while. (If you tell us it was this week, we applaud you!)

In this article, we’ll explain why you need to clean your makeup tools, how often you should clean your makeup brushes and the best way to clean them so you can feel confident that you’ve removed any product buildup to extend the life of your meetings.

Why clean your makeup brushes?

It’s essential to clean your makeup brushes regularly to remove the residual makeup product after applying it. Keeping those brushes clean also helps remove dirt, oil, bacteria, pollution, and all kinds of other nasties that you don’t want to apply to your face.

Not only can dirty brushes cause rashes and clog pores, which could lead to breakouts, but contaminated cosmetics and the tools you use to apply them can lead to a fungal or staph infection, a grave health concern.

How to clean makeup brushes

Now that you know how often you should be cleaning makeup brushes, here are tips on how to clean them effectively to remove makeup, dirt, and bacteria while preserving the bristles. You can use specific cleansing products to help with the process, often speeding it up.

Here’s how to clean makeup brushes using cleansers:

  1. Place all of your meetings on a counter.
  2. Spray each meeting, one at a time, with cleansing solutions like Clinique’s Makeup Brush Cleanser.
  3. Wipe the meeting on a paper towel or cotton pad.
  4. Ideally, give the makeup brush time to dry. If you need to use it immediately because you’re applying a new color with that brush, ensure it’s scorched before applying makeup.


Learn More about Some Useful cleaning products for makeup brushes and Sponges at Glowsly.


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