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How to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy and Clean

A dog smiling and showing off its teeth.

July 1, 2021 | Categories:

You brush your dog daily, take her out for walks, and feed her once or twice a day, but there’s an important part of your dog’s health you could be neglecting. We’re talking about his or her teeth.

It might not seem like a big deal but caring for a dog’s teeth is an essential component of their overall health and wellness. Think about it. You carefully consider what you feed your dog to make sure she’s getting the nutrients she needs but what about the body parts she uses to chew that wholesome food? A dog’s teeth are a vital part of their health.

If you aren’t sure how to take care of your dog’s teeth or, it’s been a while since you got her to open up and brushed them, here’s how to take care of puppy teeth.

4 Tips for Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth

Examine Their Mouth

This is a good starting point so you’re aware of any black tartar or film that’s building up on her gums, as well as the color of her teeth and yes, noting doggy breath! Poor dental hygiene and plaque in particular can lead to gum inflammation, rotten teeth, jaw health problems, as well as heart, kidney and liver disease.

Use the Right Tools

Make sure you have pet toothpaste and a dog toothbrush when you want to start brushing his teeth. Your dog might pull away because he doesn’t know what you’re doing or he’s afraid. Let your dog taste the toothpaste first and use a calm voice to reassure him throughout the process.

Start Brushing

Apply the dog toothpaste to the brush and lift the outside of her lips to gently start brushing her teeth. Take your time. Focus on the back teeth and molars, too, since plaque tends to build up there. Many dogs won’t let you clean the inside of their teeth so don’t worry about that. Let the dog dentist handle that in the future! (Related: 10 Everyday Habits That Put Your Dog in Danger)

Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Your dog should have a dental cleaning every six months to a year. They might be able to go longer if their teeth and gums are well maintained and in good shape. A professional dental cleaning and visit provides a thorough brushing and the vet will have a better idea of any problems that are brewing. He or she will also let you know what needs to be done about them.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth daily with brushing and dental treats can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy, reduce dentist visits, and prevent some life-threatening diseases.

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