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How to Determine the Health of Your Puppy

Puppy is Healthy

May 16, 2023 | Categories:

Your puppy seems to have boundless energy, loves to play, and appears happy and healthy overall, but how can you truly know that your puppy is healthy? If you have ever wondered “how to check if a puppy is healthy” and thought about “how to keep a puppy healthy,” this guide will help you navigate these early months and years of dog ownership.

Generally, a puppy isn’t considered an adult dog until one or two years old. But you might find that your dog acts like a puppy for many years after they’re considered an adult. (We know plenty of adults with youthful energy—or tendencies!—so why wouldn’t it happen for our dogs?)

8 Signs Your Puppy Is Healthy

Here are some ways you can tell your puppy is healthy.

A  healthy puppy is friendly.

A healthy puppy will often have a cheerful temperament and be friendly toward people, other dogs, and even mild-mannered children.

A  healthy puppy is happy.

One of the reasons we gush over puppies is that these adorable creatures are so darn happy. A healthy puppy is energetic, curious (sorry, shoes!), enthusiastic, and loves exploring new surroundings.

A  healthy puppy is hungry.

When your pup is healthy, they should have a good appetite and finish all their food in the day—whether in one sitting or throughout the day. (Although wet food should be consumed within 30 minutes) After they’ve had their regular meal for the morning or evening, you can offer them treats, like our Old Mother Hubbard Training Bitz.


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