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These Games and Activities Will Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

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May 31, 2021 | Categories:

Many areas of the country suffered from a brutal winter that left neighborhoods covered in snow and ice. When it’s not safe to go outdoors and take your dog for a walk to exercise, you’re probably wracking your brain trying to come up with dog games to play inside with your pup.

One of the reasons walks are so important for your dog is because they provide mental stimulation they need—in addition to exercise. When your dog is stuck inside for a period of time due to poor weather conditions, they miss out on that discovery time. Luckily, you can enhance the dog fun situation at home with these indoor games and play activities. (Related: Indoor and Outdoor Workout Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Active)

The Best Indoor Games for Dogs

Throw a ball.

Have your dog work on her fetching skills by throwing a ball or toy for her to bring back to you. Use this time to maximize training by having her sit while you count and throw it in the air, giving her a chance to snatch it in her mouth. You could also throw the ball or toy across the room to have your dog get more exercise.

Work those steps.

If you live in a home with a staircase, a dog game to play indoors could involve tossing a favorite toy to land on the top of the steps and having your dog bring it back to you at the bottom. You could also climb to the top of the steps and encourage your dog to follow you; then walk back down to the bottom. Do a few rounds of this to get both of your heart rates up.

Break out dog puzzle toys.

Dogs and owners love these toys because they keep your dog busy for a few minutes while trying to access a treat. Dog puzzle toys are often treat-motivated games that require the dog to work in order to eat their treat. Some dog puzzle toys are more interactive than others while some involve more patience and skills. This is a form of dog games that can be fun to watch while strengthening your dog’s cognitive skills. Some dog puzzle toys will be perfect for soft and chewy Merrick Power Bites while other dog fun games can include rewards like Merrick Oven Baked Treats.

Engage in tug of war.

Grab a rope toy or an old towel and let your dog snatch up one end. Grab the other end and  pull. You could drag your pup (gently) around the room or give in a little and then pull back more to keep him engaged. (Not to mention, all these games are ways to show your dog you love them.)

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