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Interview: Young Professional Tennis Star Elizabeth Profit

Interview: Young Professional Tennis Star Elizabeth Profit

August 27, 2013 | Categories: ,

Elizabeth Profit is an upcoming young professional tennis star who has been living with type 1 diabetes for years. The USTA-ranked teen is on the road competing in tournaments and hoping to earn a spot in the US Open. Elizabeth counts on the support of her family and her coach as she works to achieve her dreams while traveling the world. She’s committed to helping others living with diabetes achieve their dreams as well. Elizabeth has become active in JDRF, most recently as a panelist for the Everyday Life with T1D at the JRDF Greater Los Angeles chapter. Elizabeth recently dished with The DX.

What is your state of mind about type 1 diabetes today?

I feel good! Type 1 diabetes is just a part of my life.


Read the full article on Diabetes.sanofi.us.

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