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The New Niche in Travel for Wellness

The New Niche in Travel for Wellness

May 16, 2023 | Categories: ,

While some of us may still dream of a beach vacation where our butts are parked in a poolside lounge chair and we’re sipping a fruity cocktail for seven days straight, many travelers are looking for ways to feel healthier at the end of their vacations. “Wellness travel” or wellness tourism is booming now–expected to grow to $1,672.2 billion by 2030, according to Globe Newswire.

Post-pandemic consumers want to prioritize spending on travel to “improve their well-being,” according to a 2021 trend survey from American Express. And they aren’t simply seeking wellness spas geared to “girlfriends getaways” and “active couple vacations” anymore–travelers have different “wellness wants” and desire personalized, specialized travel customized to their desires and health goals.

In fact, “niche tourism” is growing fast amongst people born between 1991 and 2005, according to GlobalData.com. According to the report, wellness trips focusing on adventure and sports, gastronomy, wellness/medical, eco-friendly travel, and LGBTQ+ grew the most over the past few years.

Here are popular wellness trends you might want to learn about before booking your next trip.

Niche Wellness Travel Trends to Know

  • Culinary wellness travel
  • Wellness holidays for an entire family
  • Wellness retreats for women of a certain age
  • Wellness travel that focuses on gut health 
  • Wellness retreats that focus on cutting-edge epigenetics
  • Wellness tourism that focuses on life transitions
  • Health spas that use Ayurvedic practices
  • Wellness tourism that includes pets


Learn about the latest trends in niche wellness travel by reading the full article at Viome.


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