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The Top Food Trends You’ll See in 2017

February 2, 2017 | Categories:

The LEVL product team attended CES in Las Vegas this January where they were excited to check out the latest food technology coming to market for consumers—like smart fridges, indoor composting, and calorie-tracking camera tech improvements.

Since some of the food tech developments are a few months (or years) away, we wanted to share this year’s food trend predictions for 2017 from industry leaders. Here’s what to look for on menus and supermarket shelves in the year ahead.

Purple everything.

Okay, not everything, but Whole Foods Market predicts that you’ll be seeing more of this hue in your produce aisle, on restaurant menus, and hopefully on your plate! According to their press release, they predict you’ll see more purple cauliflower, black rice, purple asparagus, elderberries, acai, purple sweet potatoes, purple corn and cereal. Besides the fact that these foods look gorgeous on your plate, naturally colorful foods are rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, which can help prevent disease.

More “vegetarian meat”-based dishes.

According to FoodNetwork.com’s 2017 predictions, you’ll see more mock meats and “veggie burgers that ‘bleed.’” The Food Network team anticipates more chefs will be “experimenting with vegetables with the same intent once reserved for animal proteins, blurring the line between meat and veg.” They also say that if someone tells you that they’re a “plant butcher” you don’t need to say, “Come again?” because, yup, it’s a real thing.

Flexitarian rules for diets.

Whole Foods Market also predicts that consumers will embrace a “new, personalized version of healthy eating that’s less rigid than typical vegan, Paleo, gluten-free and other specialty diets.” We think that’s a good thing. Find an eating plan that works for your body. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to make sure your diet helps your body burn fat. Learn more about how your body burns fat here.

Creative ways to flavor chicken.

If you’re a condiment junkie, you’ll be stoked to try the new “creative” condiments that may line the shelves of your specialty grocery store, says Whole Foods Market. Look for: black sesame tahini, habanero jam, ghee, pomegranate molasses, black garlic purée, date syrup, plum jam with chia seeds, beet salsa, Mexican hot chocolate spreads, sambal oelek or piri piri sauce.

Coconut is here to stay.

Whew! No more hoarding coconut oil in case of an Apocalypse—or coconut tree plague. We love to add coconut oil to recipes, make soups with coconut milk, and add coconut flakes to our smoothie bowls. Try this Pumpkin and Curry Soup Made with Coconut milk.

Check out Eater’s list of all the 2017 food trend predictions from industry experts.

Which of these are you excited about? Which ones do you think are a racket?

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