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Tips For Post Weight-Loss Surgery Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Weight Loss - Healthy Weight

May 15, 2023 | Categories: , ,

Maintaining weight loss after surgery takes planning, a conscious effort at following a healthy diet, incorporating more movement into your days, and a commitment to better health, day in and day out.

18 Expert Tips Can Help You Keep the Weight Off After Weight Loss Surgery.

Here are 18 expert tips to help you keep the weight off after weight loss surgery.

  1. Incorporate Lean Protein Sources
  2. Avoid Sweets
  3. Slow Down When You Eat
  4. Chew Your Food Well
  5. Take Your Vitamins
  6. Prioritize Sleep
  7. Drink More Water
  8. Learn How to Manage Stress
  9. Enlist a Support System
  10. Add More Veggies to Your Diet
  11. Separate Eating and Drinking by 30 Minutes
  12. Log Your Food Activity
  13. Break Grazing and Snacking Habits
  14. Kick the Smoking Habit
  15. Avoid Calorie-Dense, Low-Nutrient Foods
  16. Skip Caloric Beverages
  17. Schedule Cardio Workouts
  18. Do Resistance Training to Build Muscle
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