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Why a Spiritual “Spring Cleaning” Is Just What You Need

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May 2, 2018 | Categories:

This spring, sweep away any lingering negative vibes and renew your positivity. Use these mindfulness tips to find clarity and peace.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Outer order helps create inner calm” — well, we feel pretty confident that inner order and calm helps create outer happiness. Giving your soul a spring cleaning” can help you analyze your feelings, identify internal clutter, and improve messy situations that are dragging you down. All of this will lighten your spirit and actually boost your energy level. Here’s how to de-clutter your mind to make room for that invigorating sense of renewal.

Scrub away mental buildup with meditation.
Start a daily meditation practice to clear out the junk that’s accumulated in your heart and soul. Meditation helps slow down circular, anxious thoughts and can help you feel like you’re making more rational decisions. Plus, it’s been proven to help reduce depression and anxiety. Begin with 5 minutes a day, then work up to 10 minutes or more using free, guided meditation apps to help you get started.

Need a talisman to cement the habit? The lotus flower floats serenely on water, anchored by its stem to roots that run deep in the mud, signifying the progression of the soul. Wear the LOTUS PEACE PETALS Pull Chain Bracelet to remind you to work on your roots and stem, so that your outer beauty shines for all to see. 

Prune unhealthy thoughts from your mind.
As you remove dead plants from your garden to make way for new growth, consider other areas of your life where you can metaphorically prune and weed. Perhaps let go of negative thoughts about your body or forgive someone for who’s wronged you. Any thoughts that are getting in the way of letting your emotional garden flourish should be kicked to the curb!

Consider buying a flowering houseplant, such as an orchid or an African violet, and place it where you’ll see it as a daily reminder of beautiful new beginnings. Research shows that adding houseplants to your environment can help make you more productive and may even reduce mental fatigue. Slip on the Tropical Flower Bracelet to remember that those positive seeds of change you planted in your mind will blossom into outer beauty. 

Build a fence to keep out negativity.
Good fences protect what you love (your pet, your bicycle) and create a barrier to keep out unwanted things (such as stray cats and strangers). Create a protective fence around your soul to keep others’ negativity from entering your life. How? Wear the Hand of Fatima Earrings to ward off negative energy and promote healing as you reject any saboteurs of happiness. 

Give your spirit a fresh coat of paint.
Healing doesn’t happen overnight, so spackle over any weak spots with positive phrases that will give you a boost when you’re feeling down. Slip on a Monarch Butterfly Bangle to remind yourself that your beautiful wings are unfolding. Then, once your spirit is smooth and ready, paint a more vibrant sense of self with something new that makes you feel beautiful — new jewelry, a new hairstyle, or a fresh signature scent. Get ready for people to notice your freshly polished soul as it radiates outward this season.

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