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Why Junk Miles Hurt Your Training

September 3, 2015 | Categories:

Whether you’re looking to get into incredible shape, break a personal record, or run faster while getting fitter, you need to train smarter, not longer. “Too many people look at their goal distance, the number of days they have to train to get there, and divide that total by the number of days they plan to run then try to complete those miles in as little time as possible,” says certified personal trainer and former competitive runner, Amanda Russell, founder and editor of Fit, Strong, and Sexy. In spite of your dedication, this strategy won’t help you run faster. If your goal is to get into the best possible running shape and get faster, you need to learn this very important rule–avoid logging junk miles. “Junk miles” are any miles that don’t serve a purpose–the ones you run that don’t produce a specific physiological benefit.

“My philosophy is that it’s less about straight-up mileage and more about getting in workouts that truly create a physiological difference without breaking your body down,” says Russell. “Think of it like a recipe. You can have all the ‘right ingredients,’ but if you don’t put them together in the right order, or cook the recipe at the correct temperature, you’re not going to get the results you want. The same is true with running. You need different ingredients (workouts) to get into peak shape, and it’s more fun to vary your training than simply logging endless miles at the same pace.”


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