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Fun Ways to Celebrate Easter Without Leaving Your Bed

Woman laying in bed with basket of Easter eggs

August 1, 2018 | Categories:

No matter what your Easter itinerary holds, we recommend spending as much time as possible in bed. And we don’t just mean for sleeping. Here are seven playful ways to enjoy this holiday alone or with your family without leaving your mattress.

Try These Easter-Inspired Activities Under Your Duvet Covers

Whip Up An Easter-Themed Breakfast In Bed

Bunny-shaped pancakes, anyone? Make two circular pancakes — one cut in half for the ears — and the other can be a bunny face or its bottom.

Kids can decorate them with candy, chocolate, and sliced fruit. And we can’t forget about Easter toast (inspired by Mermaid toast)!

Mix leftover food coloring — from all those dyed eggs — with cream cheese, and top with rainbow sprinkles or crushed chocolate Easter candies. It’ll almost be too pretty to eat. (If you only have a few minutes to whip up a meal, try these quick breakfasts.)

Have A Holiday Drink

The best thing since breakfast in bed is cocktails in bed. Try one of these 15 holiday-ready recipes, like the Cottontail Margarita and Raspberry Mimosa. (Here’s how to avoid holiday weight gain.)

For the kiddos: Strawberry milk topped with whipped cream or a fruit punch float with rainbow sherbet.

Have An Easter Egg Hunt In The Bedroom

Fill plastic eggs with coins or small candies, and hide them around the bedroom for kids to find. Keep eggs hidden lower to the ground for small children. (And prepare ahead of time for everyone to be digging through private bedroom drawers!).

Try A Jelly Bean Toss

Have two people sit on opposite ends of the bed, and toss jelly beans or marshmallow Peeps into the air for the other person to catch in their mouth (or with a cup, if the kids are younger).

Go for a few rounds, and tally up the successful catches. Winner gets to choose the movie you’ll watch in bed.

Pamper Yourself

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to treat yo’self. That deep conditioning hair mask you’ve been meaning to try? Go for it. Rose gold bath bomb? Why not? Chocolate massage oil date with your partner? Pencil that in, too.

And in case you’re tired of painting your nails the same pastel pink hue, we love the mismatched neutrals trend we’re seeing all over Instagram. And don’t forget to book a beauty nap. No judgment if you call out of work on Monday.

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