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Easy Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them Every Day

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March 1, 2020 | Categories:

When life gets busy and work and family obligations pile up, bonding with your dog may get pushed to the backburner.  Sure, you’re still feeding them, letting them out and petting them, but it’s important to remember to show your dog how much you love them every day. The human canine bond is a strong one that needs to be worked on daily. Your dog makes sure you feel loved every day, make sure to return the favor to your best friend!

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them

Bonding with Your Dog

An easy way to make sure you’re doing this is to eliminate other distractions when you’re petting your pup, talking to them and playing with them. That means you should put your phone away (after taking an Instagram-worthy photo), turn off the TV or video games and look him or her in the eyes when you toss a toy, play tug-of-war, scratch their head or give them a treat. They’ll appreciate the one-on-one attention and reciprocate the love with affection and kisses. Remember, a dog may just be a part of your life, but to your dog, you’re their whole life!

Get Outside

Sharing experiences with your dog is an important part of your emotional connection. A great way to do that is to take your dog on longer walks, practice training while you’re on the walk and take them on new routes to keep them engaged. Again, this is a good time to put away devices that distract you, like wearing headphones or texting or talking on your phone. Be present with your pooch and he or she will certainly notice. If you have a backyard or area where you can let your dog off the leash, work on their fetching skills, chase them and play with them daily to keep them healthy and help them work off some stored-up energy. Remember to give your dog lots of praise and positive reinforcement when they bring a toy back to you or catch a Frisbee. (Just be aware of the heat this summer.)

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