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Tell-Tale Signs You’re a Puppy Parent

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March 15, 2021 | Categories:

There are some things only puppy parents—and dog parents—understand. Until you’re in this world, you have no idea what it’s like. Here are some sure signs that a puppy has taken over your world. (BTW, this guide will answer all of your burning questions about puppies.)

The Biggest Signs You’re a Puppy Parent

1. Your clothes are covered in dog drool.

Or doggy nose stains. Or some other kind of dog fluids. Being a dog parent is a messy endeavor but one we wouldn’t trade for the world. Even though they make everything around them dirtier, puppies look cute doing it!

2. You’ve probably eaten a lot of dog fur.

Once you get a dog, you find dog fur all over the place and chances are, it’s in your food. Sure, you pick it out when you find it and probably grumble about the dog but chances are, quite a few pieces of fur have probably snuck into your diet. Dog fur is now the secret ingredient to every dish.

3. You’re up by a certain time on the weekends.

Any dog parent knows that those days of sleeping in on a day off from work are from a past life—unless you trade off with a partner! Your puppy will act as your new alarm clock, letting you know she wants to go out, be fed, and yes, get attention just as the sun is rising. (Check out these ways to show your pooch you love them.)

4. You have a wide array of floor cleaning products.

Whether you’re house training your puppy or your dog tends to throw up every once in a while from eating something he shouldn’t, every pet parent makes sure they have a spray cleaner and paper towels on hand at all times. You also know your dog is going to have an accident after you just cleaned or when you’re running late and trying to get out the door.

5. You have to check the time when you’re away from home.

Whether you’re at a party for a few hours or spending the day running errands, dog parents have to watch the clock to make sure they get home in time to let their puppies out to relieve themselves, feed their dogs, or make sure their dogs aren’t lonely by being home alone for too long.

6. You look forward to dressing your dog for holidays.

The holidays are a fun time with our pets for a variety of reasons but if you are someone starts searching for “dog costumes” or “dog Christmas sweater” or “dog Easter outfit” way before the holiday, you’re a dog parent who gets a kick out of making the most of every holiday. Tag us in your pics @WHIMZEESUS so we can see your adorable pup, too! (Related: The Secret Formula to Taking an Instagram-Worthy Picture of Your Dog)

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