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How Many Hours Do Freelancers Work Each Week?

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September 4, 2023

This freelance question of “how many hours do freelancers work?” is one I see posed on work-from-home message boards and a question I receive from blog readers and freelance coaching clients. “How many hours does a freelancer work” is very individualized and it’s one that depends a lot on goals, particularly if the freelance work from home creator has limited hours due to other responsbililites. Before you decide the number of hours you want to work as a freelancer, you have to consider your financial and personal goals–and limitations.

(How many hours freelancers work is a common freelance FAQ).

Quite honestly, the number of hours freelancers and freelance writers work each week (and how many hours freelancers work in a day) can be all over the place as it’s different for each freelancer I’ve met and come across online. 

You might also ask how many hours in one week can freelancers work without burning out. That’s a very different answer for each freelancer.

It’s also probably different depending on how many clients they’re juggling that week. 

I find that the number of hours a freelancer works also depends on their other obligations like caring for family members or whether they are holding down a full-time job running a freelance side hustle. In this post, I’ll share how many hours a freelancer works each week–and earns a six-figure salary.

Here’s a sample day in the life of this freelancer.

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How Many Freelance Work from Home Hours Freelancers Work Each Week

The answer to how many hours does a freelancer work each day and how many hours do freelancers work from home each week depends a lot on:

  • Their current clients and projects
  • The freelancers’ experience level
  • Their hourly pay rate
  • How much they need to work to earn a living doing freelance work from home jobs
  • How many hours they have available to work if they have to take care of children or family members

Believe it or not, most of the six-figure freelancers I know work less than 30 hours a week,  usually closer to 20 billable hours.

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Now that you have an understanding of what goes into the hours freelancers work each week, I’ll answer this question about how many hours freelancers work for myself and share some posts that work for other freelancers.

(Note: This was originally written in 2019 before I had a child. I provided updates from the past four years when I went from having no childcare responsibilities to two children for perspective on freelance work from home life.)

What’s considered “normal working hours of a freelancer”  can change from week to week!

Before jumping ahead to the number of freelance hours worked in a week, it’s helpful to look at how many hours freelancers are working in a day.

Check out this recent LinkedIn post where other freelancers and I shared how four to five hours of “deep work” and particularly freelance client work is our limit for the day.

(Here’s a post on setting daily freelance rates. If you want to know how to set hourly freelance rates, I’ve got you covered.)

  • In 2019, the number of hours I worked as a freelancer weekly for most of my freelance year was usually about six hours of paid work for five days a week.
  • Update as of August 2023: Now that I have a toddler and an infant, it’s closer to five hours a day, three days a week.)

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Let me be clear.

Those freelance hours are the “billable hours” — which means they are the hours that I’m working on freelance assignments I’m getting paid for.

In 2019, I was working a total of 36 to 42 freelance hours weekly but I was not getting paid for those hours that aren’t spent on client work. (Ahem, so writing this freelance writing tips blog post doesn’t pay.) It’s a freelance work from home fact that you need to know before you embark on this journey to full time freelance.

As of August 2023, here’s an update on how many hours freelance work from home this freelance business owner works each week:

This year, I averaged about five to 12 hours of paid client work each week. Wait, how many hours in one week? 168! 

Overall, I worked *about* 15 hours a week total most weeks, according to my time-tracking tool, Togg.l. (It’s one of the best apps for writers I recommend.)

Even with those limited hours as a freelance mom,  I’m on track to pull in an annual freelance income that rivals my last full-time senior editing job at a national publication.

Three years ago, I was freelancing full time before children (aka when I had “all the time in the world”) and working about 30+ hours a week. It was how many hours in one week I could freelance without burning out and still earning a great income. I earned about 35 percent more at the end of 2019 than I will this year but worked twice as many hours.

The reason I’m able to work fewer hours and still earn a great salary?

Since having kids and working limited hours, I did the following:

✨ Found higher-paying clients (I like to search for the best high-paying freelance writing niches for work.)
✨ Looked for more anchor clients to support my freelance work from home business
✨ Created systems and processes that maximize my time
✨ Learned how to be laser-focused when doing client work
✨ Hired help for business tasks that *I* didn’t need to do.
✨ Ensured that almost every time I sat down to work, I had a plan. (Make sure you’re working during the best time to write.)

I also acknowledge that my husband has a good job that’s able to cover benefits and allow me the flexibility to have more time at home with our kids while they are young. I’m very grateful for that!

Is a Freelance Work from Home Type of Career Right for You?

Before you quit your job to become a full-time freelance writer because working 15 or even 30 freelance hours working from home sounds much better than 40-plus at your current job, think back to the last time you really worked for an hour at your day job. I mean you didn’t stop emailing, writing, interviewing, researching (not scanning social media),  analyzing content and generating ideas for 60 minutes and you felt pretty spent after that hour. That’s what I mean by working one hour as a freelancer.

This is one of the 10 challenges of being a freelancer I mentioned in this blog  — you aren’t able to daydream and still bill clients for it. If you don’t produce work–particularly paid work for clients–you won’t get paid.

According to a 2016 study, the average full-time freelancer works 36 hours per week, reported this article. 

While that number might have been accurate for a certain cohort six years ago, I would guess that if the survey asked six-figure freelancers how many hours freelancers work per week it would be about half of that—particularly billable freelance hours.

Some weeks I do freelance work on weekends—I find Sunday mornings are quiet and I can get a lot done that day, like writing feature-length articles, blog posts and scheduling social media. I’m often more productive at that time than on a Monday morning. It’s how I’m able to carve in a few more hours into the how many hours in one week this freelancer can handle with very limited childcare.

If I’m very busy with a ton of deadlines — and most freelancers know that the workflow can be ‘feast or famine’ mode — the number of hours this freelancer works a week has been six days a week for 10 or so hours a day in the past. I try not to do that too often because I’ll get burned out and I fear that my creativity and work quality are compromised.

The benefits of a freelance work from home flexible week?

  • Recently I worked on a weekend day so I could spend some afternoon time in the middle of the week with my husband.
  • Sometimes I’ll look ahead at the weather for the week and plan to get up earlier on nicer days so I can take the afternoon off or plan to crank out more work on rainy days so I have the freedom to leave my desk when it’s nice out. (This is one of the many perks of being a freelancer.) 
  • In this LinkedIn post, I share how much I enjoyed being a bridesmaid in a cousin’s wedding that was on a Thursday night–and I didn’t have to worry about asking for time off.
  • Sometimes, I’ll work at night when the kids are asleep to catch up on freelance hours I couldn’t squeeze into my day earlier.

If you want to forego “getting ready for work in the morning,” or “dragging yourself through a long commute” and “working at a job you hate,” I can show you how to freelance as a side hustle, or how to become a full-time writer and get your business started.

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